Le Studio

Where warmth and a sense of welcoming meet coworking. The Studio offers private and shared workspaces and ensures that everyone can find their place.

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  • January 2020

Just like at home.

The Studio is two coworking spaces, but also much more ... It is also a group of passionate, curious people, and lifelong adventurers. It offers workspaces and opportunities for exchange, with a set of services that evolves with and for the coworkers.
The visual identity, therefore, had to be as warm and inspiring as the physical location that it will live in. From the logo to the website and print materials, everything has been designed in an innovative, simple, and fun way. A clever mix of minimalism enhanced with explosive colors and graphic illustrations!

Studio - Brand Gif 1Studio - Brand Gif 2Studio - Brand Gif 3

Friendly & Dynamic

The Studio is a dynamic place, one of sharing and constant movement. It’s a place where everyone can come to work and experience meaningful exchanges on a daily basis. Naturally, the brand identity had to reflect the warm and creative atmosphere of the place. Orange dresses the kitchen benches and the coworking walls in addition to the communication materials. The logo is neon and dazzles visitors from the moment they enter, illustrated stickers adorn the walls and private lockers!

Studio - Photo
Studio - Gif BrandbookStudio - Gif photo
Studio - Quote

The balance of power.

Whether bold serif or thin and handwritten, the typography used establishes an assertive, rich and eclectic universe and is paired with fresh colors This evokes the sweetness of life, bringing the playful and subtle dimension that makes all the difference and softens the whole identity.

Studio - Brand 2

2 styles, 2 ambiances.

Illustrations adapt the Studio’s message to the target. Sometimes outlined, black and minimal, sometimes colorful, playful and rounded. The Studio's images can speak to everyone!

Studio - Yeah
Studio - Hello Peace
Studio - Coworking
Studio - Gif Illu 1Studio - Gif Illu 2Studio - Gif Illu 3

Minimalist visuals

Studio - Scroll Icon 1
Studio - Scroll Icon 2
Studio - Scroll Icon 3
Studio - Scroll Icon 4
Studio - Scroll Icon 5
Studio - Scroll Icon 6
Studio - Scroll Icon 7
Studio - Scroll Icon 8
Studio - Scroll Icon 9
Studio - Scroll Icon 10
Studio - Scroll Icon 11
Studio - Scroll Icon 12
Studio - Scroll Icon 13

A “S”uper logo.

An “S” uper logo for a super place! The style of the studio is minimal, chic, and reassuring. The roundness of the main typography is counterbalanced by dynamic and pointed finishes which bring sophistication and hold to the visual. The handwritten tagline humanizes the experience and creates contrast.

Studio - Gif logoStudio - Gif Logo 2Studio - Gif Logo 3
Studio - Logo S
Studio - Logo black


All the elements of the visual identity are put to use in various communication channels so that the members of the Studio or interested visitors can keep up to date with the latest news on-site. All the audience has to do is choose their preferred information source.

Studio - Gif flyers 1-3Studio - Gif flyers 2-3Studio - Gif flyers 3-3

Sense of detail.

A rich and coherent identity must not neglect any detail. From business cards to flyers, and let’s not forget the essential soap label, the Studio follows you everywhere and brightens up every touchpoint!

Studio - Card
Studio - Stationary
Studio - Gif Sticker 2-3Studio - Gif Sticker 1-3Studio - Gif Sticker 3-3
Studio - Bouteille

It's in the box.

Capturing scenes from the studio's life and recreating the atmosphere found there was accomplished with this series of vibrant photographs showcasing the different workspaces. Many thanks to photographer Zachary Stone who has adapted his eye to the coworking style!

Studio - Photo 1
Studio - Photo 2
Studio - Photo 3
Studio - Photo 4
Studio - Photo 5
Studio - Photo 6


The Studio would like to be present everywhere, follow everything, see everything, be interested in everything and multiply the communication channels to keep in touch with coworkers and learn more about them. Instagram, Spotify, Youtube, the Studio lives, watches and listens to itself. Smile and share!

Studio - Insta Post
Studio - Insta Mobile
Studio - Insta
Studio - Gif Quote 1-3Studio - Gif Quote 2-3Studio - Gif Quote 3-3

An online storefront.

The site highlights essential information and presents the locations and people who bring them to life through a series of engaging and attractive visuals, testimonials, and animations, allowing interested parties to easily envision themselves there.

Studio - Website 1
Studio - Website 2