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  • February 2022

Communication with a smile

Bruno's creative team takes you on a journey; to California beaches and sunsets, beach parties and sharing! Cordial is proud of its origins and the warm, human values that go hand in hand with its location. The brand therefore called our agency to redesign its identity and apply it to its marketing tools, its website, its presentations and the creation of a brandmark.


California dreamin’

Cordial's brandbook is dressed in shades of fine sand lit by a end of day sunset. Written during the branding creation process, it includes the palettes, typographies, patterns and many other elements necessary to the implementation and maintenance of the brand's identity. Diving into the brandbook means diving into the heart of Cordial's universe and letting yourself be swept away by the new identity.

Emotion above all

The branding phase starts with the kick off and this first meeting allows our brand designers to immerse themselves in the existing brand and identify what makes up the essence of the brand through questionnaires and bilateral exchanges. This is how Bruno got to know Cordial, its warmth, its reliability, and the predominant place that customer relations occupy in its strategy. The brand was born in San Diego, California, and wishes to highlight this privileged link with nature through elements such as the sky, the sea, and the plants. The moodboard imagined for Cordial is directly inspired by the State of California but also by the personality of the brand. We can see the first signs of the warm and reassuring color palette as well as the importance of the human touch and the user experience.


Photo rights:, splashofiart, savannah harris

Explore the possibilities

Before reaching the final result, which will define the image of the brand, we like to test different approaches and interpretations based on the moodboard developed in the previous step. In this case, it was about transparency associated with the Californian gradient.

Explorations - First concept

Explorations - Second concept

We're getting there

The last iteration proposed before validation already places the sun, its rays and the human touch at the heart of the branding. The only thing missing from this proposal is the bond with nature, which will be done in the final version thanks to softer colors and more organic shapes.

Concept refined based on customer's choice

Californian sunset

The Cordial palette is a direct reference to California and its famous sunsets. The sunny colors and blue hues honor the ocean and outdoor living. The saturated shade palette is used to highlight the marketing elements and place the product at the center of the attention. Poppins, a linear typography with round and contemporary shapes, fits perfectly with the art direction and gives a modern and clean aesthetic.


More complex than it seems

The patterns are a direct tribute to the golden age of California in the 60s and 70s, modernized by the bright and saturated palette. They translate the idea of waves or evocative sun rays. Most of them also use the curve of the "a" of the cordial logo as a subtle echo to the main element of the brand identity.


Let it shine!

To maintain the visual harmony of these shelves and not to offend the eye, rules of color association have been put in place. First rule: as on all the communication supports of the brand, the yellow of Cordial must be present. The rest of the colors must then be arranged in a precise order according to the combinations detailed in the brandbook. Just follow the guide!

Color match

A total of five color combinations were designed to ensure visual consistency and harmony. This rule is described in the brandbook to allow Cordial's marketing teams to create the visuals they want without fear of clashing with the new branding.


Un symbole de marque a été conçue pour Cordial afin d'être utilisé comme favicon de site web et comme photo de profil de réseaux sociaux. Il reprend la forme et les couleurs du pattern principal. Il joue également sur les espaces négatifs afin de créer deux bulles de dialogue se répondant l'une l'autre, pour faire echo à la communication simplifiée par Cordial.

Reusing the wave of the logo and the pattern

A matter of light

Cordial's marketing photos respect this sunset theme by featuring people with warm, wide smiles illuminated by low-angled light. It was important to show individuals freed from marketing management and reconnected to the real world, not to their electronic devices. A reminder of nature is also present in each visual.

From fantasy to reality

A pastel color palette has been designed for product-related uses, such as skeletons and icons. The pictograms are minimalist, simple. The skeletons represent the product with sobriety and clarity. The idea is to go to the essence and focus on the content by illustrating how easy it is for marketers to communicate with their audience via Cordial.

Emotion and conversion

Creating impactful and attractive visuals for social media is possible thanks to the set of rules developed above. The art direction is bright, coherent and ready to conquer the streets and social networks.

Real or virtual world

Why choose ? The brandbook allows you to apply the Cordial charter to virtual or physical media according to your needs.

Sales Sheet and E-book

Power Point Presentation

The window display

The website as well as all the assets allowed us to test the efficiency and the declinability of the art direction. The result is original, positive and dynamic. Everything is displayed with an apparent simplicity that highlights the product and hides the work of reflection and the numerous rules put in place in the background to guarantee the durability of the identity.