A breath of fresh air is blowing through the world of online banking. Qonto is simplicity linked to innovation.

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  • July 2017

The new age bank
for the self-employed.

Qonto breathes a sweet aroma of novelty into online banking. Their service, tailored to startups and freelancers is young and refreshing like a summer breeze or fresh-squeezed lemonade. It's THE ideal solution for simple finance management. We conceived their UX & UI design, developed their site, and designed the Qonto card.

Qonto - Watch
Qonto - Desktop App

A strong concentrate of simplicity and innovation for entrepreneurs of all kinds.

Qonto is bold, reliable, and constantly evolving. To visualize this story of development, we shook (but didn’t stir) choice colors together with these core ideas and concocted a tasty mixture of peppy tones, dynamic animations, and a fantastic user experience.

Qonto - Cards

Plus and X cards produced by the Qonto team

Qonto - Photo and card
Qonto - Marketing
Qonto - Mockup CB

A poppy site designed with “wow-effect” in mind where shapes and colors are at the forefront of the UX.

Vibrant hues capture users' interest and help to increase the site’s conversion rate. Patterns undulate over the pages and subtly counterbalance the intense nuances of the background to create a unique, innovative, and captivating environment.

Qonto - Font Aa
Qonto - Palette
Qonto - Pattern Dots
Qonto - Font Open Sans

A UX/UI design concept brought to life by front-end development.

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