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An immersive post-purchase experience that makes a difference. With Shipup, shipping is as enjoyable receiving! As simple as sticking a stamp on an envelope.

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  • April 2019

A quality follow-up.

Are you an online shopper? You have probably already come across Shipup without even knowing it. This startup allows any website to offer a personalized post-purchase experience. Each service provider or reseller can modify the design of their tracking pages and emails to offer an immersive experience to their users. Shipup allows you to extend your brand identity to the end of your emails without ever losing track of the packages you send!

Off the beaten path.

An abundance of symbols and patterns were used to recreate the traditional visuals of stamps and postmarks, all revisited with a modern spirit and adapted to the digital world.

Shipup - Posters Dribbble
Shipup - Brandbook IntroShipup Brandbook Only Patterns Shipup - Brandbook Patterns
Shipup - Brandbook Screens
Shipup Brandbook Photos Patterns Shipup - Brandbook Patterns Colors Shipup Brandbook Only Patterns

Palette and typography.

Shipup's palette is a mix of cool and warm shades with which the always pretty Recoleta, a serif typeface that Gutenberg himself would have been crazy about, is associated.

Shipup - Color Palette
Shipup - Recoleta Alphabet
Shipup - Recoleta

Graphic repetition.

The patterns, in addition to bringing a contemporary graphic touch, serve as a common thread to the identity. They move from one screen to another, sometimes evoking the continuity of the routes taken by your parcels, or old postal stamps.

Shipup - Patterns Blue Waves
Shipup - Patterns Dots Circle Shipup - Patterns Dots Lines Shipup - Patterns Lines
Shipup - Patterns Outline Green Shipup - Patterns Outline Yellow Shipup - Patterns Outline Peach

A square identity.

A simple, effective, and pleasing identity - just like a package that’s delivered on time. The notion that Shipup is a reliable service is brought to life via its visual identity. The different sets of weights in the typography help with delivering this message.

Shipup - Logo Full Blue
Shipup - Logo Rules
Shipup - Logo Symbole Black Shipup - Logo Symbole BlueShipup - Logo Symbole White
Shipup - Logo InSitu

Serial variations.

Think big enough to show up anywhere. Shipup can be effectively displayed in all formats and proportions. The warm, elegant palette and patterns can scale to dress the walls of cities or social networks. Impossible to miss.

Shipup - Billboard Peach
Shipup - Fonctionnalities

Neat and precise.

We worked on designing a promotional site that would clearly explain who, where, when, how, and why Shipup? So, we designed a modern, clear, and clutter-free site that takes full advantage of the new identity. Shipup’s message is delivered like a letter from the post office.

Shipup - Home Covers Photos
Shipup - Home Responsive
Shipup - Responsive
Shipup - Product Experience 1
Shipup - Product Experience 2