Eat better, everywhere, all the time. Foodles is the connected canteen that will delight your eyes and taste buds.

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  • April 2019

An enticing branding.

An identity as polished as the presentation of a 3 Michelin-star dish, colors that make you salivate, and a logo good enough to eat. The team went above and beyond to create a deliciously fresh and colorful identity at Foodles.

From brand book to POS, everything has been designed to offer a unique, beautiful, and quality experience to users of Foodle’s connected fridges.

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Foodles online

Label, get set, eat! Pop colors and complementary pastel shades punctuate the different visuals and supports. An oval shape evoking a placemat highlights each dish. A playful and dynamic logo comes in like the icing on the cake to add a finishing touch.

Image gif foodlesImage gif foodlesImage gif foodles
Image foodles
Image foodles
Foodles - Bradbook 1
Foodles - Brandbook 2 Gif 1-3Foodles - Brandbook 2 Gif 2-3Foodles - Brandbook 2 Gif 3-3
Image foodles

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Typography and colors.

We chose the delicious "Mmmmh" Merlod to accompany the Foodles branding. This straight, slender typography with softly rounded finishes fits perfectly with the very pop-art palette chosen for the brand. Both cooking and branding are art!

Foodles - Brandbook Gif 1-3Foodles - Brandbook Gif 2-3Foodles - Brandbook Gif 3-3
Foodles - Color Green
Foodles - Font Merlod
Foodles - Font Roboto
Foodles - Gif - 1/3Foodles - Gif - 2/3Foodles - Gif - 3/3

The final touch.

A pinch of elegance, converging diagonals that draw one’s gaze to the center of the logo, a unique and sober line to stabilize the whole. This is the real secret of the Foodles identity.

Foodles - Logo Purple
Foodles - Logo Orange
Foodles - Logo White
Foodles - Logo Responsive Blue
Foodles - Logo Responsive White

Arouse the appetite.

The tasting begins with original flyers, followed by a full-bodied course of packaging and a side of targeted advertising to round out the meal.

Foodles - Billboard Cantine

An instagrammable brand.

Food (les) is photographed, shared, and everywhere you look on social media. It’s impossible to miss these visuals, rich in color and flavor. The goal is to create a deliciously trendy feed that will get you hooked.

Groupe image foodles
Image foodles
Image foodles

Packed and weighed out!

A good brand identity must not neglect any detail. The culmination of this visual identity also involved the careful creation of packaging to highlight the products. Let's not forget that a dish is first tasted with the eyes!

Image Foodles
Gif foodles 1Gif foodles 2Gif foodles 3
Large image foodles
Image foodles
Image foodles

A quality showcase.

The site takes the rules of brand identity and puts them on display in an illuminated page that highlights people, sharing, and well-being. The connected canteen brings you together.

Homepage foodles

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