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Cover - KaraCover - KaraCover - KaraCover - Kara is a simple and fun to-do app, designed with a robust color palette and made with good humor.

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  • September 2020

Levity for the daily routine. is a serious but colorful application for managing overloaded schedules (note: this service was specifically designed for sales-people who are in a hurry). The objective is to centralize all of their to-do’s onto the same platform with a modern take on the classic checklist UX.

An explosive brand.

When considering how to celebrate the originality within each individual person, we envisioned a service with an identity as explosive as a confetti popper, as colorful as a painter’s palette, and as dynamic as dynamite itself! trusted us to create their brand identity and product, starting with “fun” and “creativity” as their primary buzzwords. The team took up this challenge with enthusiasm and designed the logo, color palette, and even created a set of bespoke emojis (along with a few other surprises).

Kara - Brandbook Value HonestKara - Brandbook PurposeKara - Brandbook Value Honest
Kara - Brandbook Billboard Street
Kara - Brandbook Color SystemKara - Brandbook Smiley ConfettisKara - Brandbook Colors associations

A hot start!

Everyone knows that a good day starts with a cup of coffee, so of course the same applies to logo design. Kara's team wanted their identity to be based on this moment that is so essential for many of us. It’s a time when everyone takes the time to charge their batteries and then face the challenges brought upon us by everyday life. We proposed a logo that mixes curves and colors. The design is based on the "golden circle", a construction technique that ensures harmony and proportionality on the final visual.

Kara - Brandbook Logo Rules
Kara - Logo Green Kara - Logo BlackKara - Logo White
Kara - Logo Golden Circle
Kara - Logo InSitu
Kara - Logo Symbole

Multiply the possibilities.

Creating a logo is a tall order. A brand’s mark reveals the brand’s identity and personality. For Kara the business need was simple, their brand lacked the color, originality, and explosiveness they needed. We designed a concept that revolves around coffee in several ways. A logo to visualize on-site or to take away!

Kara - Logo Exploration 1  Small
Kara - Logo Exploration 2 Small
Kara - Logo Exploration 1Kara - Logo Exploration 2Kara - Logo Exploration 3


Our primary challenge was coming up with a simple and original way to entertain and motivate users who are performing a mundane task (all things considered). To solve this problem, we based our solution on gamification principles in order to reward users for each series of tasks completed. And to really drive the point home, what could be more fun than an explosion of colors?

Kara - Confettis Smiley Party 1
Kara - Confettis Smiley Hand


These small icons come complete with a bit of shimmer. Symbolic of a language that has become universal, a custom emoji set punctuates the design of the application and highlights important elements. Come on, we think that one can be serious and serve a purpose without being too formal.

Kara - Party Popper

Party Popper

Kara - Happy


Kara - Hand Victory


Kara - Coffee


Kara - Exploding Head

Exploding Head

Kara - Oncoming Fist

Oncoming Fist

Kara - Calendar


Kara - Party


Kara - Biceps


Kara - Direct Hit

Direct Hit

Kara - Nerd


Kara - Rocket


Kara - Fire



We wanted to keep the navigation simple and user friendly to make sure the product was intuitive, so as to not deviate from existing, well-established interaction principles for a to-do app. The main goal was to design a product that was extremely quick to pick up and use.

Kara - Value Simple
Kara - Today InSitu
Kara - Add Task
Kara - Today
Kara - Notifications
Kara - Daily Fun
Kara - App Mobile
Kara - Dribbble - transparent cards
Kara - Desktop App
Kara - Daily Fun
Kara - Components
Kara - UI Kit

Let it be seen!

After establishing this medley of colors and illustrations came the work of crafting's communication assets. Everything from the marketing site to their newsletter and their weekly reports were created by striking the right balance between their bold identity elements and the necessary minimalism that makes for good readability.

Kara - Website Cover
Kara - Marketing Newslettter


Kara - Marketing Assets

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